Supply and fit for all makes and models of

Woolf Mufflers specialize in custom made one off fabrication of mufflers and pipes for all makes and models.
We are New Zealand's only exhaust component specialist.

Full range of
sports and performance systems

Ranging from extractors, big bore systems and Zetti stainless mufflers and tips.We can also offer a fitting service on most the following products:

We can also offer a fitting service on most the following products:

  • Extractors
  • Big bore systems
  • Mufflers
  • Pipes
  • Extensions / tips
  • Catalytic converters / Purifiers

We can supply and fit original parts for most of the common car brands, including:

warning signs
warning signs

The 6 signs of having exhaust problems Out

Burning Smell from the Engine Bay

If your gasket fails and begins to leak near any engine wiring or any parts under the hood that are made of plastic, the heat from the exhaust gases could cause these parts to burn. If you come across any unusual smell or smoke you should get your vehicle checked.

Decreased Power and Acceleration

This can begin to affect the performance of your engine. This mean you won’t be able to accelerate as well and quickly. This problem will continue to worsen if you do not address the exhaust leak.

Gas Smell

If you start to smell gas inside your car when you’re driving, this may be a sign of exhaust problems. Which is caused when one of the exhaust tubes get damaged and start to leak.

Overly Noisy Engine

This can be a faulty exhaust manifold gasket, which can cause an exhaust to leak sounds which can sound like a hissing noise or a tapping sound.

Hanging Exhaust Pipe

Sometime your exhaust pipe is hanging or dragging on the ground, this means you have a problem and will need fix it immediately

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

When having exhaust problems you vehicle has work even harder, therefore using more fuel.
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